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In person          $200.00

Distant        $165.00



holographic light work, Heavy Metal Scan and Removal

Reconnective Energy Healing.  The Session takes 30-45 minutes.

You should be in a very comfortable position - not to do, think or expect anything during the session.

 (1-2 sessions recommended)

Reconnective Healing is the healing of Spirit, Mind and Body. When you interact with Reconnective Energy, it gives you extra boost of Light (information) to every field of your life... which area gets more is according to its Divine Intelligence to "decide". It is all about bringing you to optimal state of Balance & Harmony. The healings are often instantenious and tend to be lifelong. Mostly, It gets you to operate from a fearless platform, and it definitely makes you to be more aware in every field of your life so as to be able to see, choose and step into your highest potentials. According to our recent science, getting entrainment with Reconnective Healing frequencies you resonate at a higher level of Light restructuring your DNA resulting in the emission of measurably higher levels of bio-photonic Light.

For artists, psychics and inventors this session is a Must to have to improve their creative and visionary abilities so as to be able to reach and get access to higher realms and play with those subtle energies that might result "downloading"  an extraordinary, (maybe non-existent)   idea or solution. 

More information:

 The Sessions offered above  considered neither therapy nor treatment. These Sessions are provided for informational  purposes only and should not be relied on medical, legal, psychhiatric or any other professional advice of any nature..

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