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Holographic Lightwork requires your personal appearance. The session lasts  1.5 hour.

From a Safe, Light & Love supported platform we connect the Essence or Essences (not the forms) of the object/organ or situation. We do lightwork and the Essence talks about how and why it came into existence. You realize what you have to realize.... Situations exist in more layers, results are vary - you might need 2-3 sessions...

What cases can this method be appllied? E.g.: have not talked to your father for are not able to sell your house for many years..., you are not able to get pregnant....,

you are constantly humiliated at your have a dysfunctional organ...etc

 The Sessions offered above  considered neither therapy nor treatment. These Sessions are provided for informational  purposes only and should not be relied on medical, legal, psychhiatric or any other professional advice of any nature..

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