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    Although, I got my formal education in tourism and travel management for becoming a tour-guide  but not getting enough sophistication with that I continued my studies in Transpersonal psychology, Gurdjieff & Ouspensky's Philosophy, graphology, analyzing drawings and bio-feedback. Using the brain-trainer myself too I improved my clairvoyant  abilities and reached  a pretty high level of it with good accuracy...



      Being adventurous I came to the States 18 years ago and I have been living here since. Having been spent a few years living in the French Quarter of the Big Easy where I realized my high level of creativity and having gifted by artistic skills. With my refined sense of beauty I started to design and make fine silver jewelries, potteries, gift items, business cards and design even interior  -  of course, having been continuing my spiritual healing practices as well.

     I have attended teachings from Norma Delaney, Geoffrey Hoppe, Sanaya Roman, J.J. Hurtak, Igor Charkovsky, Dr. Eric Pearl, John Assaraf.... and so on....

      With nearly 30 years of experience in healing, mastering the New Energy Consciousness frequencies I offer my Sessions for you to have your smoothest transit from the Old to the New, from the comfortable "known" to the exciting "Unknown"  so that you can cope with the difficulties of this transition in your everyday life and be able to tap into and activate your highest potentials.

        Born & raised in Hungary I was always very curious about things were beyond the visible from as early as I started to attend the elementary school. At the age of 16, I have already visited work-shops, conventions & expos that were about spiritualism, alternative medicine, psychology, channeling, lightbody, extraterrestrials, the latest technology, zero point energy...etc. 



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