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PINNACLE OF Quantum PhYsics 

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matrix drops

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matrix drops

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In the present day, almost all of us use quantum physical devices, such as mobile phones, digital cameras, laptops which assist us in getting to know the surrounding environment more and in ever increasing detail. However, to take a snapshot of, or to map out our internal self, until now, no appliance had been born. The Matrix Drops Computer is the first device that is capable of revealing the internal world, the emotional problems of a human being.


Nowadays humanity desires the awakening of the conscious mind, the understanding of hidden internal values. In order to achieve the latter, new type of thinking is needed and a new approach to emotions and relationships is necessary through custom fitted guidance for the individual by our new machine. The most apparent expression of a conscious individual is that he steps out of the usual prison of his paradigms and puts dormant capabilities to use. Science has uncovered that people on average use 10% of their consciousness. The remaining 90% could provide such empowerment that we would be able to take our well deserved place in the world. Perception beyond the senses can become an attribute of today’s men and women and with this key to our soul a significantly higher quality of life improvement can be achieved.


Several inventions and recognition of the digital age have been the forerunners of the awakening to self-consciousness. The first singular appliance, the Matrix Drops Computer, while opening the user’s consciousness and expanding sensory capabilities, it connects the individual with the all encompassing consciousness. It squares us up with our own personal reality, delivers messages of our own soul. It has such emphatic and analytic capabilities that even the biggest minds throughout history could not achieve. Surpassing the boundaries of quantum physics, the appliance is working at the information level.


Another singular product in complete synergy with the computer is the Matrix Drops Quintessence which contain information patterns programmed in water. Using these in parallel kicks off revolutionary recognition and experiential processes in individuals. Those using the Matrix Drops system go through supercharged mental development. Matrix Drops programs are capable of elevating our consciousness to 30-40% and, at this level, we are able to achieve fantastic results. Such elevation of consciousness may even manifest in the alteration of physical problems. This spiritual and mental achievement is beyond our wildest imagination. The Matrix Drops program is for individuals with a desire for conscious development at an unprecedented pace. Give it a try. Get to know the power of extended, elevated consciousness.


Matrix Drops 2..png
Matrix Drops 2..png
Matrix Drops 2..png
Matrix Drops 1..png

              SYMPHONY OF THE SOUL

Modern science observes energies and vibrations that can be found in the world and in humans. There’s something above all which had created everything else, such as vibrations, energies, minerals in living beings, including humans, in this world. That is information.

Matrix Drops Quintessences contain water programmed with pure, elemental information. Information is teleported into the water using a quantum physical device where, through a special procedure, they get stored in stable form for decades. As little as 10 drops of carefully selected Matrix Drops can trigger significant aura increase which is the clear sign of extraordinary positive effects on the human organism.

From the water, the human organism is capable of directly accepting the programmed information. The perfect information patterns repair information fields that are out of tune in the body. This process is similar to a computer software upgrade.

The Matrix Drops

  • improves quality of life considerably

  • assists in fulfilling the current life assignment

  • helps dissolve delusions, false beliefs

  • assists in removing emotional blocks, and negative thoughts

  • neutralizes disturbances triggered by the presence of heavy metals, vaccinations

  • neutralizes the influence of entities

  • unleashes talent and creativity and invites joy back in life

  • delivers an energy boost, clears the mind and sharpens the focus

  • gets rid of stress, anxiety and sense of guilt

  • enhances intuition

  • harmonizes emotions and relationships

  • helps in the prevention of the physical manifestation of psychosomatic disorders

The selection of the appropriate Matrix Drops out of the available 1500 can be achieved with the use of the Matrix Drops Computer, developed specifically for this purpose, or with a bio-tensor.


                    MATRIX DROPS

Today science claims we are on the brink of an evolutionary leap. However, it is not expected to take place in the physical dimension or the physical level. The only area man can develop further is at the mental level: in the soul and in spirit. The most valuable and possibly the most powerful treasure is information. We live in the society of information. At any moment in all aspects of our lives, we are being bombarded with an incomprehensible amount of important, or considered to be as such, information. But how large part of the information content is it that serves our best interest, health and happiness?! How do we filter out that truly matters?




Matrix Drops Diamond Cosmetics age-defying quantum physical products with rhododendron plant stem cells

Sunscreen - Sunscreen without chemical factors

The revolutionary new Matrix Drops Diamond Cosmetics age-defying luxury product line – a complete dimensional change in skin care

Thanks to the particularly successful quantum physical and nanotechnological researches, our products are able to achieve a unique effect of harmonizing external and internal beauty.

Ildikó Kovács-Magyar and András Kovács-Magyar dedicate their lives to a wonderful mission of creating new and exceptionally unique for those who seek to preserve their health, happiness and radiant individuality.

People with active lifestyle, in spite of all their efforts, are constantly facing ordeals and new daily challenges. For them it is essential to preserve their spiritual, mental and physical strength, as well as their harmony.

The Matrix Drops Diamond Cosmetics line offers the possibility to take our individual needs into account. Provides a unique opportunity to renew ourselves, through which, our real personalities may stand out.

Several studies have demonstrated that the skin is effectively regenerated during plant stem cell treatments due to the content of genetic factors which help the cells of an elder skin regain their ability to renew. Our cosmetics contain the stem cells of Alpine rose - Rhododendron - and the essences of herbs exclusively found in the mountains of the Alps. These plants are characterized by an extremely high resistance to the vicissitude of the seasons.

Diamond is one of the noblest gems, embodying perfection. Its ‘information’ provides protection against negative thoughts and vibrations. It helps to overcome our fears, our uncertainty; it boosts self-confidence, concentration and vitality. Does increase the energy level of the skin cells; the poorly functioning cells may start a new life. The gem itself embodies the strongest power which has always been associated with health and happiness.

water vein & hartmann grid

Hartmann Grid.jpg

DISCOVER the harmful effects of Geopathic stress zones, such as water vein & Hartmann grid.

Through measurement of the auras of more than ten thousand persons, we observed that the vast majority of the chronic diseases are from a strange, unseen, background phenomenon. It can occur that people’s bed at night or their seats in their workplaces are “in the wrong place”, above earth radiation.

The earth has a negative radiation which is harmful to the health and is called geopathic radiation.

The Hartmann grid is one of the most harmful geopathic stress type we can encounter. Each grid is 2m- 3'-3" away from each other. The grids are always form a parallel net of lines running North-South, East-West, keeping  90  degrees.

Hartmann zones repeat every two meters, in north-south and east-west directions. Their widths are thirty centimeters. 

We have observed that if someone, at nights or for an extended period of time during the day is around, lies or stays above this radiation, after a while inflammations may occur in the organism from this stimulus zone which goes through his body.


The pictures above are observations that the bed of epileptic children is usually in such a place where there is concentration of Hartmann zones under the head. We have found that staying in the Hartmann zones can cause and maintain inflammation and chronic inflammation. There is a stronger zone, apart from the Hartmann ones, which is underground water vein radiation from deep within the earth.

“There is nothing mysterious unless you show it.

Nothing is hidden unless it remains concealed.”

 Have you ever felt that strange, mysterious and incomparable feeling when you enter a medieval building such as a church? Probably yes. But do you know what the rational explanation for this feeling is?



GeopAthic stress zones


Matrix Drops 1..png

Quantum Physical Rewire

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