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Manhattan NY

A  Gateway to  Exist  Beyond...

New Energy Consciousness gives you new approach to your Life, way of thinking, feeling and refined sensing the world around you.  It leads you to Multidimensional existence without effort and being overwhelmed as you would be in the old energy supported linear thinkers' harsh  world.  This is the world of synchronicities, abundance, sometimes miracles... you develop your subtle senses so as to be able to detect and activate your own potentials. This is the world where you are connected  to the Field, the neutral space that has direct correlation with your DNA and Higher Concepts. You are no longer a victim of your past or karma, you are able to get out of the illusionary prison you had built for yourself making you sick, sometimes so sick that you are not being able to manipulate even your own body. The services offered here  give Light, Higher Understanding, Acceptance in cellular level to your struggling Selves, "dark aspects" or the unsuccessful areas of your life.


Applying the New Energy Consciousness "philosophy" you will be able to operate beyond 3D and step into your Mastery "where"  everything comes to you, all the particles every atom in your body and all around your universe is in service for you. Participating in the Game of New Energy Consciousness you are in a stable communication with your "intelligence" of your body being constantly rejuvenated. This ongoing enlightenment (embodied enlightenment) gives you long, healthy and happy  life  in your present body. You do not have to die for getting a new body with a new story.

The platform, the "playground" is already set up and ready waiting for individuals like you to jump into the new world of Unknown. It is not going to be easy but exceptionally exciting & beautiful. You just need your Commitment and 100% Trust.This is a wonderful journey, the Game of the New Earth I invite you to play.


"Freedom is when you allow that you’ve never done anything wrong. Period."                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                

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