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The answer is delivered by a special product, which contains pure, clean, elemental information. This quantum physical product, the Matrix Drops, intends to serve the best interests of the individual and humanity as opposed to those of the pharmaceutical industry. The Matrix Drops Computer is capable of choosing from the 1500 different types of Matrix Drops that would best serve the examined individual and affect behavioral patterns in a positive manner.

All this is based on the notion of quantum physics and directed information matrixes. Since liquids are an excellent storage medium for the elemental and vectored matrixes, it is used as the carrier of the information. Once the matrix enters the body and encounters distorted information, it will restore those that are out of tune to the perfect pitch. We can leave negative traits behind while enhancing the desired positive ones.

It includes the information and its combination of the 108 mineral elements found in our world and the human body.

The Matrix Drops contains clean and purified water without any other tangible materials or diluted materials. The only other ingredient is high-level information, which, similarly, as computer software, is stored in the water carrier. The well-chosen Matrix Drops product restores balance in the distorted parts in our body, emotions, thoughts, and soul. It is similar to updating a computer program, or initiating an anti-virus program.

The perfect elemental information may indicate the perfect behavior. The Matrix Drops solution raises awareness, provides light, illuminates and brings potential delusions to the surface. As a result of recognition and discernment by the individual, these negative effects lose their strength and their effect on the examined person. Information is stored in the water as a hologram. Using a method not dissimilar from that of Luc Montagnier, a Nobel prize winner, who teleported information of DNA between containers through air, in the Matrix Drops solution, information is teleported to clean water with special quantum physical crystal equipment without the aid of any electrical device to eliminate the significant degradation in efficiency and effectiveness.

Why is water the carrier of Matrix Drops? Since the body is composed of 60-70% water, a few drops can deliver and transmit the information to our cells in a moment. Humans can only get back to their equilibrium at higher dimensions, but only if they can find and understand the causes. With the identification and acknowledgment of the problem, they are able to make changes and to solve them.

Matrix Drops assist to tune back our ether bodies with pure elemental information.

So where does all this lead? Our world today forces us to be one of many, to be faceless, to be one in the crowd. Matrix Drops leads us back to our own individuality.

The Matrix Drops Computer recognizes and the MD products defeat the negative attitudes that suppress people.

The problems and concerns will not only temporarily disappear but could be eliminated indefinitely. The energy thus released then becomes available to accomplish our goals and dreams. What does Matrix Drops offer to us?

A major improvement in the quality of our lives!