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Your house could not be sold for years?           

                     We do the"Miracle!       

How "Omnipotent" Estate  Boost works?

  "Omnipotent" Estate Boost is for helping you to sell your house, apartment, land or any kind of Estate of yours that had/has some kind of unexplainable difficulties in the process of selling.
The owner and real estate agents have done really everything and it is a long time that there have not been any success  or progress in its selling. The service is not for those who intend to sell their property for the first time.

For those intend to sell their property for the first time, it is only recommended to use the Initial Evaluation which service is a multi-angle evaluation that can take 60-90 minutes "Remote Viewing" work for 4-6 clairvoyants indicating what your specific property needs to be done with or around so that it could be sold within a short period of time, or maybe nothing will have to be done and it sells easily and naturally or the property owner really needs the Service of  "Omnipotent Estate Boost". Please, make your choice accordingly!

Together with Purchasing the Evaluation, please download, fill in & sign the Questionnaire either for    Property Owners or for Real Estate Agents and send it to In the reply email you will get the Result of the Evaluation together with further instruction and the Quota of needed.

Questionnaires & Contracts can be downloaded at The completed
forms should be emailed to, and the printed, signed and notarized copies should be sent to the given address.





"Omnipotent Estate Boost for Accelerated Sell SERVICE "

 contains the variations of the following practices:

  • Raising the property's frequency via light-boost;

  • Clearing the property's Astral-, Etheric-, and Clausal Planes;

  • Fixing the estate's relation/connection to its owner(s) neighbour(s) and surrounding energies;

  • Removing dark time-trace and negative stories from the property's timeline;

  • Removing dark time-trace and negative stories from the owner's timeline;

  • With MDC Scan we are able to detect dangerous bacterias, radiation, entities and such.... in the energy field of the house ( that unconsciously repels the potential buyer) and of course, we can lead them out;

  • Implementation of Feng Shui 

  • We place positive programming into the higher planes of the property's Reality.

  • Quantum Future Impact and Holographic Light Work with the owner(s) if needed

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