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 Matrix Drops are programmed water, available in 5 potencies (S,F,K,
L,P). The Computational Quantum Scan will determine which ones are recommended for you: what specific number and what specific Potency. At one time, you can use 6-12 different types of
Quintessence. It works on the 5th dimensional "information" structure and it won't interfere with your third dimensional food or medication. Therefore, it cannot be overdosed! 

Specific information: how much and how to take the
drops will be sent together with the drops.

For Heavy Metal, liver and such...  detox:
The whole series of Potencies needed to take for 3 months. 

Every kind and Potency is   $25 per drop-bottle 

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Heavy Metals png_edited.png
Heavy Metals png_edited.png
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This Special Computational Reading (Scan) via MDC shows all known and unknown traits and characteristics of the person in question, his/her dormant abilities that can be activated and utilized if needed. 

The Consultation can be a help for those daters who are not sure in their partner's loyalty/intention, thoughts and feelings towards him/her. The Scan  reveals if somebody is a notorious liar, psychopath, addict and so on. It also illustrates if the analyzed person is an artist or has artistic traits, or he/she has high principles or spiritual beliefs and in what direction. 

This Brilliant Reading can help you to choose the right employees,  tenants, the right business or lifelong partner.

You just have to see the person at least once or have an original handwritten letter or a few lines from him/her to show. Book and contact us and the Consultation will be done via Skype  or other video  messenger.

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Clairvoyant reading   -    getting answers for your 3-4- or 5-6 major questions

Via Skype or/and in written form

For a session finalized only in written form, there is needed a photo of the
person in question, his/her age, first name, eye color, the city he/she was born and the city he/she lives now.

The Session 1 lasts for 45 minutes -  Session 2 lasts 60-70 min

           $ 200
           $ 250

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how to be prepared for a session

* After booking and paying for a session  that requires your presence, please email or text me for the address your session will be held that will depend on where (which healing center) my previous one is finished .

* In the case of distant energy healing, please email me your details: full name, color of your eye, age and the place you reside.  (e.g.:  Ms Annie Smith, blue, 38,  Brooklyn NY)  I will text you or let you know when I start the session and we will talk after finishing it. 

* If your situation is heavy and complicated, please contact me to help you to decide how many sessions and which specific ones you need.

* Please leave your mobile number  (and Skype name if applies) so that I  can inform you of any change it might occur.

"the answer is greater than the question"


 The Sessions offered above  considered neither therapy nor treatment. These Sessions are provided for informational  purposes only and should not be relied on medical, legal, psychhiatric or any other professional advice of any nature..

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