Your website is your entire online first impression, while your landing page is only one part of that impression.

Landing Page  is a Standalone page designed to enable specific action.

It may contain up to 1-3 sections and 2 web plugins / extensions  -   with content and photo upload. 

No SEO set-up, No content Writing, No Quality Photos added. You can purchase these add-ons separately.

I try to get quality photos for free for you but sometimes what you really like you need to purchase them separately. 




  • What I need from you to start designing...

    You will need a domain and hosting account in WIX to have a landing page. You need to provide me your account information  to begin creating your Landing Page. (Do not worry, I will explain you how to do all the above if you do not have your WIX account and domain ready.)

    I need to know what specific action you want to reach with the Landing Page? Product Landing Page, Lead Capture Page, Sales Landing Page, Referral Landing Page, Opt-in Page, Unsubscribe Page...

    What should be on the CTA  (Call To Action) button?