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*  How does science divert attention from the power of pure human consciousness?

*  The dimensional difference between energy and information

*  How beliefs – false beliefs –  detected by Matrix Drops Computer

In the past 4-5 years we have been able to develop a device that can reveal the future. In my presentation, I’m going to talk about how, with an extraordinary research team, we created a display for the messages of our soul. In mere seconds, this computer shows to us what can be found deeply nestled in our consciousness and soul. It reveals depths and details which psychologists, psychiatrists would work on for years to uncover through therapeutic methods. All this happens by the Matrix Drops Computer reading off 8 million mathematical Fourier functions, then translating them into written format, so it may display to us what’s in our soul.


Many people can already interpret brainwaves and many can read energy waves. However, here we are talking about a completely different dimension as the computer reads in the waves of our soul and the fields of our hearts. In many cases it can show what kind of events can be expected ahead of time.


During the scan, the MDC can see in such depths that allow us to understand our past, the problems of the present and we can also catch a glimpse of the future. But is there a solution to what’s uncovered? I’m delighted to say “yes”. All of this is happening in extraordinary regions, in invisible dimensions.


I performed years of research on the effects of harmful Earth radiation. I found that they turn our bodies acidic, and make us ill. We also explored energies, emotions, and relationships – and found a way to detect where blockages and psychic knots were formed in people, and found the method to resolve those.


Our thoughts propagate through morphogenetic fields. We have heard a lot about this, but we can actually measure it and also work in these fields.


Spirit world. Some believe in its existence while others don’t. Yet there are those that know its existence. The Matrix Drops Computer detects shadow personalities attaching to people and spirits, entities in the environment. Through the Matrix Drops Computer, we can see into DNAs and their messages.


How is this possible? I’m going to talk about why today’s science does not inform us about these. There are very good reasons for it.


We have introduced the computer in many world congresses, psychologist, homeopathic, naturopath congresses. The results were surprising for those in attendance. Scientists visiting from all around the world praised the machine and stated that the Matrix Drops Computer is ahead of its time by 50 years.


For a moment, let’s look back to the past. When did we get stuck? Not just now, but even earlier, scientists’ desire for mapping the invisible worlds have surfaced before. Why did they have to stop informing the public regarding this topic? NASA has always researched this area. Medical dissertations have been developed. Moreover, scientist of the early 1900s were proud of their results in this field.


“From the closet of biases and wonders of medieval times, I searched for and found the magical biotensor and asked it not by prayer or witchcraft, but rather employed a more fitting mechanical argument for it to provide answers. It is true I did not ask it to show me hidden treasures nor to reveal enemies of mine, if there are any, but rather I just wished it to allow me a glimpse into the mysteries of the forces that make everything move on this Earth and that determines the placement of everything.“


You just heard the speech of Lóránd Eötvös, president of the Hungarian Academy of Science, from 1901. Lóránd Eötvös took out a biotensor from the fog of medieval times. About this tensor, we have to know that famous Hungarians of medieval times, such as King Mathias, Saint Elizabeth, Saint Margaret, Saint Ladislaus, all used it. A more modern version of this tensor, the Eötvös pendulum was used to determine the location of oil fields around Dallas, natural gas reservoirs as well as big metal deposits of Europe and Asia.


It is 1901 when this tool was mostly used to search for minerals, underground water streams and to discover oil fields. We are not looking for minerals, but rather the sign of potential in the ground, which can interfere with the human system. We call them geopathic Earth radiation. Our ancestors had already detected water streams running underground which damage the energy field of living organisms, such as humans, animals and plants. They knew that laying down over these radiation zones is dangerous as they would trigger sickness in the human body.


In the right corner, you can see a diagram. If our pH value is between 7 and 7.2, our body is healthy. This is the horizontal axis of the graph. The vertical axis shows that if we don’t have free electrons, we are susceptible to infections from fungi, viruses, various illnesses as well as we are susceptible to cancer. However, if we do have free electrons, then our body can fight against these things. What robs us from these free electrons? And besides one’s diet, what else causes the body’s pH to turn acidic? This is really due to geopathic radiations which reduce humans’ free energy. According to some sources, voltage can even drop from 3000mV to 50mV.


Scientists were not the only ones thinking about the science of the magical tensor. You can read the following in the Bible: Jesus sends out his disciples with the following words to accompany them: “And he instructed them: Don’t take anything else except your staff”. So, what does this staff or tensor really know? It can help us get a glimpse into the world of energies, emotions, thoughts, relationships and that of the soul. Whoever can use this tensor, the invisible worlds will open up in front of him. I teach every one of my students on how to use the tensor.


Whenever geniuses were born, the witless and the envious always joined forces against them. Even in our times, people can be found whom are subjected to ridicule; they may even be falsely accused. These people are feared because their knowledge hides true secrets. Isn’t it interesting that there’s nothing to ridicule about those that are substandard, or those that are not talented?!


We started in 1901 with the academist Lóránd Eötvös’ speech and now let’s continue with the 1910’s. The Carnegie Foundation published the Flexner report which laid down the foundations for medical science then and even now. However, they did not take into account dozens of thousands of discharge summaries documented by several hundred doctors where in the background of healings radiesthetic, homeopathic and chiropractic treatments could be found. Doctors demanded that medical science accepts these results backed by evidence. In those times, a lot of people studied radiesthesia, homeopathy and chiropractic care. They were able to achieve greater results with these methods than medical science of the time was able to do with medications.  


In 1910, the American Medical Association condemned these substantial results and labeled them “non-scientific”. May we ask the question “why”? Why, when hundreds of doctors had shown results and documented them, too. So then why were these fantastic results non-scientific? The only argument was that, at the time, the philosophy of scientific materialism was conquering the world.


Radiesthetics, homeopathy and chiropractic care were regarded as spiritual methods because they thought that divine powers were in the works behind it all. They regarded everything non-scientific which appeared on the opposite, spiritual side of the materialistic views. “That which cannot be measured does not exist” they stated. And the human spiritual, energetic, social things cannot be measured with sensors. Just as the past relationship of a mother and child’s, or the relationship of two friends’ or that of the anger of two enemies in the past cannot be quantified with materialistic methods.


Let’s jump 8 years in time from 1910 to the Nobel Prize acceptance speech of a fantastic man. This is Max Planck who received the Nobel Prize for his research in the field of quantum mechanics.

Let’s see what Max Planck says in 1918, eight years after the Flexner report, in front of the biggest minds in science.  


“All my life I have been researching materia, but I had to realize that material, in the traditional sense, does not exist. The entire material is formed and kept together by such a force which is capable of exciting the particles of atoms and then keeps the miniscule solar system of it together. Everything that exists in the Universe is created by energy. We must suppose that behind the energy there’s a conscious mind which creates the matrix.”


This peculiar, conscious mind that’s behind these energies is actually Consciousness,the orginal source of all materials.


And when we say “consciousness”, “all encompassing consciousness”, “consciousness that creates”, in the language of quantum physicists, we are saying God, the Creator. In those times however, a scientist could not name God because right in that moment they would have labeled him non-scientific. Therefore, scientists operated by referring to the notion of “consciousness”.


Jumping two years ahead now, we are in 1920.

In 1920, Professor Albert Szentgyorgyi, Hungarian Nobel prize winner, who conducted his research in Hungary and in the United States, said the following:


“Until the 1920’s, honest people worked in science. The style of science changed, however. The undeterred search for the truth was replaced by the business drive of hunger for profits and desire for power. Jealousy damaged earlier spiritual communities. Earlier, young people were driven to science by noble idealism. The primary goal of science was to find new truths. The goal of today’s science is reaching bigger profits at all costs. The result of today’s medicine is that they start to take advantage of all the tricks of the dirty business of health care. Accomplishments aiming for the betterment of life became tools for the destruction of life.


New discoveries by fantastic scientists are in vain when a phantom organization, which we call science, turns it all around. From this time forward, please make a very, very clear distinction between scientists, inventors and science, just as Professor Szentgyorgyi called attention to it.


“All discoveries are discoveries because they’re in complete opposition to all current knowledge. If it weren’t contradictory, it would be just a little additive. However, a real discovery rests on until then unknown, new foundations every time. I discovered three things in my life one of which was vitamin C. The most important thing of this discovery was that they immediately threw it away saying that it was faulty. At the time, the primary authority on Vitamin C was in London who immediately published an article stating that ‘He knows very little about Vitamin C, but the one thing he is sure of is that what I’m doing is flawed and incorrect.’


I was sorry to see him being ousted from his job later for the exact reason of holding up progress with his statements. Later I made a great discovery about muscle tissue which was also dismissed in its entirety by standard science because it was completely original. Even today I approach this as if I say something and they dismiss it, that’s really good because it may be a new discovery. On the contrary, if they accept something, I get sad because it appears I’m getting old and I can’t say anything new.”


A discovery is a discovery because it’s in complete opposite with what they knew about the world until that moment. Don’t be surprised if we hear things like ‘there has been no such thing’. That’s exactly why it’s a discovery.


Albert Szentgyorgyi says the following about laws:

“Laws are written by prominent geniuses with great care to make sure progress is impossible. Most likely they are written by people whose conviction is that cancer is a blessing for humanity. It’s as if a dog bites a person then the dog dies from the bite.”


We will take a little bigger step in time now to 1961 where another great Hungarian Nobel prize winner, György Békésy, conducted his research in Hungary and Hawaii. The experimental physicist proved that hearing is not through analog processes, but that we hear holographically. We know now that hearing, seeing, sensing, tasting and touching is holographic.


In our era, a new procedure is to place a microphone on the outer ear when parts of the middle and inner ear, such as the anvil, hammer and stirrup as well as hair cells, completely disappear or lose function. Sounds are then converted into digital signals: 0-1-0-1-0-1. Through an electrode, the digital signal is then led into the brain and the deaf person can hear again. This is called a cochlear implant. However, people with hearing loss are not the only ones that can be helped as a camera can be used to assist the visually impaired. The camera’s digital signal is led into the brain which the brain interprets so the blind person can see again.


Regardless, to this day, at medical universities students are still being taught the analog model as being one of the five senses, even though we’ve been aware of these developments since 1961.

Appliances today work on the basis of quantum physics. The problem, however, is that people are not informed that we are not operating in an analog fashion, but rather in a holographic way.

Now, let’s roll a few film clips:

You can see that digital signals are being fed to a blind person’s brain and the brain, just like a computer, is capable of interpreting this information.


In the other clip we see a cochlear implant.

The majority of modern devices like the mobile phone, the laptop, liquid crystal displays are not working in analog fashion, but rather in digital mode.

When an innovative scientist or inventor wants to win he or she needs to fight the representatives of the old materialist viewpoint and the support camp and institutions of those.

For victory boldness, bravery is needed and what’s most important, support. People will only support discoverers that understand new notions and that consider not only the materialist sciences, but also the invisible dimensions as well.


Why are they hiding all this knowledge from people? The reason is rather straightforward: the goal of this deception is to maximize profits. Now imagine a large bowl of oranges. How many oranges do you think is needed to make one liter of orange juice? At least about 6 and a half pounds. Two pounds of oranges cost about one dollar. About 6 and a half pounds cost three dollars. Six and a half pounds of oranges will produce one liter or 32 fluid ounces of orange juice that has to be packaged, stored, transported and sold. So, how peculiar that we can purchase orange juice valued at three dollars for only a dollar. This calculation could be run for other fruits as well. Isn’t it interesting? One of my students working at a fruit juice manufacturing plant provided the answer to this mystery. The factory he worked at received sugar beets or in more fortunate circumstances apples by the wagons which served as the major ingredient for all juices. 

This juicy fluid was then magically transformed with flavoring and coloring into whatever type of juice was requested tricking the buyer into believing that they are buying what’s on the box. To reach this effect and to heighten desire, attractive packaging and lively commercials are used. When someone looks at the packaging, in the brain the holographic picture is assembled. This picture is about the orange – its scent, taste…. When we taste the juice after opening the box, we can even sense the texture of and can taste the juicy bits. They can make the juice slightly sour or sweet using ascorbic acid and sugar. And what we are consuming had never seen any oranges yet we believe we are drinking a refreshing glass of orange juice.


It’s undeniable how the brain can be tricked in a holographic sense with pictures, colors, scents, textures and tastes. All our senses can be tricked and all of this can be used to persuade the brain. This can be done because for the brain, what’s imagined and what’s real means the same thing. How about our body? We can fool the brain but not our body because it answers deception with illness. Albert Szentgyorgyi said himself: “I discovered vitamin C, not ascorbic acid.”The discoverer of DNA, Dr. Francis Crick, a dogmatic materialist, received his Nobel Prize in 1962. „He burned into people’s minds that everything is dependent on their genes.” He claimed that whatever is written in our genes cannot be changed. If our grandma, great grandma and our mother all had a serious disease, the probabilities are very high that we’ll fall to the same illness.


Years later another scientist, Dr. Howard Temin refuted Crick’s claim according to which the DNA codes our organism. Temin claimed that impulses, signals originating from people’s environments activate different DNAs and the generic past is not the only determining factor. Environmental factors turn the key in the DNA not the other way around. For this statement Howard Temin was let go from all his positions at universities. Later, during the research of AIDS it was discovered that he is right. Environmental factors indeed affect our DNA for which Howard Temin received a Nobel Prize in 1975. He proved the complete opposite that Francis Crick had proven.


Two contradicting statements both of which received a Nobel Prize. How is this possible? We may conclude that when awarding Nobel Prizes, belief plays a major role as well. Belief is a serious endeavor. Every single human operates based on belief: if I believe that I will heal, there’s no illness I can’t recover from. If I believe that I will die from a prick of a thorn, it may come true.


Let’s see how Hollywood presents this in movies.

At the beginning of the movie „The Water Diviner”, Russell Crowe is looking for water in the Australian desert using two radiesthetic rods. At the precise location signaled by the rods, in the deep, a water stream was running, which erupted when Crowe’s character dug down. Had he been digging anywhere else, he would not have found water. This is what he needed the mystical knowledge for which then he applied when using the rod.


A reporter told me the following: „András, the Matrix Drops Computer is a new magical rod.” And, yes, he was right. It is a digital magic rod which can see into invisible worlds, new dimensions and our nature.


Dénes Gábor, a Nobel laureate, who received the Nobel Prize for the hologram, said that people living in next eras don’t have to fight with Nature, or with the environment, but rather with his own nature as this has turned out to be our biggest enemy. It is our own nature, or as we would say it today in the language of conscious development, they are our concepts and delusions, our beliefs and false beliefs all of which can cause disturbance in our fields of consciousness.


I had a complex concept, a dream, where I knew we had to create an inutitive computer that never existed before. The brain thinks. The heart feels. Beyond the understanding of EKG and EEG, the heart has a separate wave field that can sense events ahead of time. The intuitive order of physiology is that the heart feels. It has intuition. It then sends the signal to the brain which, in turn, gets to work and starts thinking. Third step is when the body reacts.


I will show you which experiment planted the seed of the idea of developing a new type of machine. An EEG and such a device was placed on a female subject that was separately measuring the wavefield of the heart. Then peaceful and terrible images were flashed randomly one after the other on a monitor in front of her. Before a peaceful image appeared, the wave-field of the heart produced a calm wavefunction, which is represented with green on the diagram. However, when a frightening picture was coming next – and neither the woman or the programmers of the computers knew what was going to happen – preceeding the event by seconds, the woman’s heart-field started to broadcast panic signals that something terrible was about to happen.


I’d like to say it again as it is important, nobody knew in advance in what order the pictures would appear. Yet the heart-field signaled it in advance. This is how they proved that our hearts have a separate field. This is a field that we call intuition or anticipation. We examine these fields with the Matrix Drops Computer (MDC) to see if it projects a high probability event in advance.


The creation of a new type of machine was necessary which can detect the waves of the heart-fields. Two sensors are built into the computer one of which detects the fields flowing out of the human body while the other, a handprint-shaped sensor detects meridian energies, pulse, blood pressure, EKG…. All signals are checked from several sides by the computer, then it analyzes matches and reveals them to us in priority order.

The MDC is a serious fact finding device which possesses intuition. It measures emotions, tension in relationships, the state of our soul and can project what could be expected in a few days, in a few weeks, if everything stays the same around and within us. Probability functions project what processes are running in the background – which strengthen or weaken us.


Results revealed to us by the computer:

Momentary spiritual problems and the potential physical manifestation of those

Family stresses – possibilities of long term problems

Recognition of information patterns of bacteria, fungi and viruses in our bodies

Presence of information patterns of heavy metals and the autonomy damaging effects of vaccinations


Today 8-10 kilograms or 18 to 22 pounds of heavy metals can accumulate in someone’s body. They can originate from drinking and bathing water, fertilizers, plants treated with pesticides, preservation materials of foods, from the air, vaccinations, medications and cosmetics that contain unnatural or even bio ingredients…) Until now neither a method has been developed for accurate reporting of their presence nor has there been an approach found for the draining of them from the body. When we heard these facts and numbers, we immediately started researching how it would be possible to rid the body of them. We recognized that there is only one way, with the help of the information pattern of the given heavy metal, chemical or harmful material.


The MDC computer also displays if someone has electrosmog overload. Not only does incorrect diet cause acidity, but also negative geopathic radiation and electrosmog overload as well. We have developed such an electrosmog protector for phones, laptops, electric cars, personal protection which can reduce the negative effects of electrosmog to virtually zero. When someone uses a mobile phone it’s as if they stuck their heads in the microwave oven. A lot of malicious (cancerous) illnesses start with this phenomena. A few decades ago these harmful factors that are extremely dangerous for living organisms were not known.


Furthermore, the MDC shows the defining momentary challenge in our life. Until we address this challenge, we will not be able to take the next step in life. The computer signals if a shadow personality, entity – a spirit – is attaching to us or to our environment. It displays if we remain over a geopathic stress area for elongated time periods. It shows us our virtues, weaknesses, essences of our thoughts, delusions, false beliefs, makes us see our strengths, whirling currents dragging us down – self-destructing codes.

How could this be created? NASA’s research inspired the ideas. They’re using the most sophisticated sensors to examine the aura of the Earth. They are watching what kind of elements are in the atmosphere. When they point their sensors towards Venus or Mars, by analyzing the light spectrum emitted, they can tell what kind of elements are present on the planet.


We are not pointing our computer towards planets or the aura of Earth, but rather at the information fields surrounding a person and impulses originating from that individual. All of these reveal what is in our being or in the plants, animals we are assessing.


We know we are one with the Universe. However, in our small Universe, sometimes, there are factors that cause disturbance. It is in our best interest to uncover these and correct them before they start an avalanche-like series of programs inside of us.

The application of the Matrix Drops Computer and the Matrix Drops Quintessences is not tied to diplomas or any vocation. For anyone to use it to their satisfaction in their professional practice or personal life, we did not pursue medical device qualifications for our machine. Our dream is that soon, every family will have a Matrix Drops Computer which anyone in the family will be able to operate in any situation at any moment.


Have you ever seen a goat tied to a stake grazing on the roadside? Occasionally, the poor animal ties himself up on the stake by the end of the day. He does not have as much wit as to realize his own trap and how to free himself. For a man, it is his own thought threads that he wraps himself around and does not let go.


The Matrix Drops Computer is a device that projects messages of our soul in front of us. It communicates with the human brain and heart field and there isn’t a more fantastic processor in the world. It tells us everything. In thirty seconds it poses millions of questions through our fields which are answered by our consciousness since it knows everything we just don’t have a system that is able to project it.


It sends messages projected on the MDC monitor. It reveals to us the previously mentioned reasons and consequences of them all of which other devices haven’t been able to do before. This is why an invention is an invention. By analyzing the signals pouring out from the body, it is possible to deduct whether there’s heavy metal, elecrosmog or other burden in the system. We developed an electrosmog protector bearing the MM logo that makes it possible to deflect electrosmog occuring during phone, computer, car and other electric equipment use.


It happened in New York first that electric car owners came to me who had recognized that when they used their vehicles, they were much more irritable, stressful. I examined these people and found that their electrosmog exposure was multitudes than that of the aveage individual. When checking those using mobile phones, we found that the measured levels were multiples of the recommended levels.


An individual’s autonomy is violated every time she is given vaccinations. The Matrix Drops Computer displays this precisely. Vaccines, in many cases, are conserved with mercury – thimerosal – heavy metals, aluminium. A method has not existed until now for the recognition of the presence and emptying of heavy metals. I’m not qualifying the agent substances in the injection, but rather I’m calling attention to the side effects of materials used for conservation purposes. The solution: with information, these injuries can be restored. Matrix Drops products are impregnated with Information.


We can recognize spirits, entities attaching to an individual. All big classics, Shakespeare, Dante…in their creations, or Wagner, Verdi…in their operas, project spirits. In several works of art, after the death of the protagonist, his spirit reappears which is another reason why these pieces will stay with us forever. Medical research doctors recognized that if an organ transplant is performed on someone, the personality of the indivudual that was operated on will change. Family members in many cases will also recognize the change in character. With the Matrix Drops Computer we were able to diagnose these shadow personalities.


We are also able to detect information patterns of bacteria, viruses, fungi, parasites or even the 22 amino acids that are the building blocks of the human body.


To us as inventors, the most important motivating force was to show an unknown world to a lot of people through computer technology. It is essential to clearly see the fundamentals.


About dimensions:

When we look at a field of flowers, we see in three dimensions.

When we sense the radiation of energies from our bodies that is already taking place in the fourth dimension.  


Our thoughts, feelings, intuitions are taking place in the fifth dimension independent of space and time.


We can only enter the fifth dimension if we free ourselves from all material and energetic things. The material world has its material rules just as energetic things have rules governing energies. So, for example, just as energy propagates, its power weakens by the square of the distance. A radio transmitter cannot be tuned to from a few hundred kilometers away as it loses energy. We can observe quite the opposite with infromation as it never diminishes due to distance, but rather it grows with the square of elapsed time. Unfortunately, the nature of rumors is that they are propagating more and more rapidly.


That particular fifth dimension is what we had to enter with the Matrix Drops Computer. The universal communication method of living organisms is the transmission of thoughts and information. It is also known as the morphogenetic field. From the information propagation perspetive, distance is irrelevant. If our child has a problem in Australia, for example, she breaks her leg, then the parents can sense this distress from thousands of miles away. From a distance, we can never feel living organisms’ energy fields, but rather we feel their information fields. How do we feel it? With our soul and heart fields. The Matrix Drops Computer is able to map someone’s whirling thoughts, emotions from a distance. To be able to provide relief, we need the Matrix Drops products also.


Spiritual development is a long process. Everybody lives through everyday life at their own level. There are people at low mental levels thinking that they are always right. Have you ever met such people before? Then there are those that try to develop friendly and loving relationships with others. They do everything to love others and to be loved by others. They are at a bit higher mental levels. They followed by those that are motivated by work and money and who work to prove themselves to their families and society. Those living at the highest leves excel in science, arts and understanding of spiritual phenomena.


Spiritual development has two symbolic rows when we are following the analogy of the Mengyelejev periodic table of the elements. The 7th row is occupied by the lantanides. These are the free spirited individuals that can belong anywhere. Their main characteristic is freedom. The 8th row is the actinides who have endured some tragedy in their lives. An atomic bomb explosion type trauma has occured in their lives that they may carry for decades. Such a mental trauma can only be repaired by an actinide, which is a radioactive material. We can provide these to individuals in need in the form of Matrix Drops products.


If you are carrying a big mental burden, or if you had some tragedy in your life, we can help you pull through it. Brain researchers found that the human brain has an area where things that appear unquestionable get filed away. It is often the case that when we hear something opposing those views or we are toldthings we have not heard before, our brain will automatically skip them. We could say that it never makes it to our consciousness.


In this presentation, countless new materials, concepts are introduced to which many say: I have not heard this before, so let’s jump over it, or this is not how I learned this, so let’s skip this part.  


Look, I probably received the same type of training and education in school that you had. But why did I not skip over the new, unusual concepts? In our lives, only the new ideas, which we we don’t jump over but rather examine in detail, can bring about change, Time after time, it is important to restructure the knowledge we have accumulated until now. Don’t live like the average person, who, if he said something 10 years ago, he will always say the same thing, no matter what happens. Such an individual is standing still like an ancient artifact.


Our world has changed more during the past few years than it had over thousands of years before. A well informed individual who once was able to keep up with the news on a daily basis now has to do the same on a minute-by-minute basis. Unfortunately, scientific discoveries are often used to mislead people. Why? Because it’s profitable business.

A question of vital importance is whether we can listen to and interpret intuition, „spiritual” messages. Whether can interpret the messages of our soul. We can read this on the monitor of the Matrix Drops Computer after the scan. An individual in search for real knowledge must be able to restructure even the fundamentals that are perceived to be rock solid.


We have to understand the deeper operating principles of our personalities. We operate based on faith, which is very subjective. Generally, we only believe what we see and hear or what we have learned over the years. We can only be healthy and happy if we are able to change our routine, fossilized approaches. This is the key to our development.


Water is one of the fundamentals for life. If something does not contain water, it is not alive.


60-80% of our bodies is water; 90% of our brains is water. Water in the human body is like a pendrive carrying neccessary messages, programs. The extraordinary characteristic of water is that it obeys programs arriving from the highest dimension. Using a different approach, man can be considered as a liquid crystal. We consist of a plethora of minerals contained in a watery sustance. When we are watching a monitor that works based on liquid crystal fundamentals, the pictures change based on what kind of controlling information the device is receiving. Our liquid crystal body restructures in a similar fashion from emotions, thoughts, our relationships, in other words, from mental and physical effects. For the mind, an imaginary idea may carry the exact same value as something that may have happened in the real world.


A fundamental characteristic of the information arriving from the highest of dimensions is that it always wants to create a system that is identical with itself. Therefore, if we load information from a higher dimension into a liquid crystal structure, the water will assume the program of that. We have thousands of Matrix Drops information patterns at our disposal with which we can force our liquid crystal like system to change.


The Nobel laureate Dr. Albert Szentgyorgyi said: „Since water’s molecular structure is the basis of all life, the man who can control this structure in the human cell will change the world.”


This is the mission of the Matrix Drops information products!



In 2008, Luc Montagnier received the Nobel Prize for his AIDS research. He was the first one to prove the existence of teleportation. He placed test-tubes containing clean water with DNA in to an electromagnetic field. He experienced that after some time, DNA was traceable in clean water in the other test tubes as well. This was the first experiment – that was repeated in multiple institutions – which showed the existence of teleportation. Vastly preceding these scientific experiments, I’ve been applying this recognition in practice for the past 25 years. Today, science calls all this teleportation.   For transmitting information purely, we have to move beyond the boudaries of materia and energy. Did our ancestor know about teleportation? With a similar procedure, in the 1200’s, the Knights Templar produced life essences.


MD information patterns originating from high dimensions not only affect humans, but plants and animals as well.


Often, fruits fall victim to spring frost during blooming. We possess information that can strengthen the aura of plants during frost. Orchards treated by MD products have higher yield of fruits, even though they had to withstand -5 degrees Celsius in winter-time. There are grazing pastures in Ireland which are sprayed with Matrix Drops information and animals can be taken out to graze one month earlier than before. Due to the expansion of plants’ auras, pests, fungi, viruses and bacteria leave them.


We can experience the realms of higher dimensions during, for example, fire-walking ceremonies as well. We may directly meet creatures of light from higher dimensions. We may see light tunnels on photos taken at such ceremonies. We can come across similar dimensional gates and light tunnels in Hollywood movies.


At the end of Earthly life, the spirit leaves for the other world through a light tunnel. I lived through this peculiar phenomenon when I was involved in a car crash at 9 years of age. We may see similar things during ceremonies.


With a few pictures, I wanted to let you take a peek into other dimensions. I want to illustrate our awakening to self-consciousness with a snippet from a movie. How can we escape the prison of the mind imposed upon the body? When in a situation that appears impossible, a great idea, intuition comes, through which we may allow us to leave false beliefs behind. This is how a pure concept can take the place of, and free us from the false belief that’s gripping our body. A short clip from moive Forest Gump nicely illustrates this idea.


Minerals carry pure, unique information. They are the building elements of mankind, animals and plants. A given Matrix Drops information pattern is able to harmonize more than just one thing because they can act like figures on a chessboard capable of executing multiple moves.


The eternal questions are who am I and what is my destiny?

Very few can descend into the depths of the soul. Feelings and information trigger memories from deep down our soul. We can see such a moment from the movie „Perfume” where the information of a scent brings back the feelings and memories of the past. In consciousness, these holographic memories are independent of space and time.


The psychologist of NASA was asked what her opinion was about the spirit world. This is how Sheaila Kay responded: „The question is not whether there are or aren’t spirits, but rather, how long can the truth be hidden from people.” I recommend that we get to know the spirit world and the governing rules for the functioning of our consciousness.

I would like to thank Consciousness for making it possible for me to share all these details with you and for receiving the gift of knowledge to create our Matrix Drops invention.

Thank you for your attention!

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