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* Basic company analysis revealing the company's imbalances of different departments, products/services, marketing, employees, vendors, customers and compensation plan. How the location, the numbers serve the company? What is the (inner & outer) Trust & Integrity level of the company? What is the relationship of the Creator "Owner" and its Creation "Company"? Is there "Freedom" there? Is the CEO really head of the company, is the Authorithy of his/her "Corporate Universe" connected to it in every possible level or overcontrols it....maybe it just runs by itself? Are there "vampires" at the company? How the company fits into the higher picture serving both the Earth and the humanity? {chain of Higher Purposes or "inspire consciousness"} How the owner (and employees) relate and connect to - Passion - money - to their company they work for? Considering the company being a "playground" >> how "playful" every participant of the Game is by playing the roll of being an emploee for that specific enterprise? ....and so on...

+ Lightboost

+ Basic advice and tools

+ Reliable Training Possibilities if needed


(If you have a large company, please book the apointment at least two-three weeks in advance giving me basic company details, company-map, the names, ages and positions of your employees. Anyway, you have to email me for your best Quote.) Reconnective Healing Session

 The Sessions offered above  considered neither therapy nor treatment. These Sessions are provided for informational  purposes only and should not be relied on medical, legal, psychhiatric or any other professional advice of any nature..

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