Conscious Breath  is a one hour session with me (in person or on Skype) for those in fear, under stress, always anxious and does not dare to communicate, make the necessary steps and project the "worst case scenario" in most situations. This Breath is for the purpose of Integration of fearful Selves.  

(Taking 8-10 sessions can bring a Change for a lifetime helping you getting through the threshold of the new Paradigm leaving the old one behind. With this new way of existence you can make conscious decisions,  activate and open more potentials in every field of your life.

We might add "sweeping breath" in difficult cases.

Your Conscious Breath opens the pathway to New Energy Living. Traditional breathing keeps a person stuck in surviving. The traditional breath focuses on the mind, shoulders, upper chest and neck, which are the holding spots of fear.

Breath that is focused through your nose and travels the route of the body's humidifier. This Breath brings moisture to the interior of the body. As the conscious Breath travels to the belly and to the core of you it awakens the connection between your Soul and the physical human. Alternative Healing Sessions, Reconnective Healing

 The Sessions offered above  considered neither therapy nor treatment. These Sessions are provided for informational  purposes only and should not be relied on medical, legal, psychhiatric or any other professional advice of any nature..

Conscious Breath Session - Removing Stress & Anxiety